We can save your mower. Only Jesus can save You

​Since 2010


Hello, My name is Terry, I am the founder and owner of East to West small engine this page is about us.

The Official establishment of East to West small engine was in the Fall of 2010 so we are now in our 10th year of operation. In 2008 I graduated from Nashville Auto Diesel College with the plan to go into the field of Diesel Truck repair. I got a job with a company called Volunteer Trailer as a trailer mechanic, repairing trailer bodies, truck bodies, and suspension.  I worked for this company for about a year and when the national economic downturn hit, Volunteer Trailer was closed by its parent company and I was out of a job. I began working on lawn mowers (which I knew nothing about, except for engine principals) on the side to make extra money while I searched for a job. I repaired a lawn mower for someone at my church and they said that maybe I should start a business doing this.  So I thought about it and I did. I also landed a job at a small engine shop called Mike's Small Engine in Mt. Juliet, TN. The owner Mike Murphy really took me under his wing and taught me so many things, not only tip and tricks on the repair of equipment, but also how to make the business work.  He knew that I was trying to start my own business, which I was doing while working for him, this was in 2009 and early 2010.  I worked for Mike's for a little over a year, and then I went on my own and in October 2010 I officially started East to West small engine. I am a Born Again Christian and I in know way hide it.  Our company's motto thats on our sign and all our invoices is: "We can save your mower. Only Jesus can save you" and that motto is true.  The name of the business comes from the Word of God from Psalm 103:12 which says: "As far as the East is from the West, so far hath He removed our transgressions from us" Us meaning His children, in whom have faith in Christ. For more on that please click on the Gospel tab on top and read. Since 2010 we have developed a strong customer base, made many friends and God has used it to provide for my family, while also giving me flexibility to do ministry work as an Evangelist. We are a family business that is still small and humble, but with a very big desire to do our work well and honest, and give Jesus Christ glory.